Al-Kabir holds extensive discussions with global financial institutions in Morocco

Saddiq Al-Kabir, Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, has been conducting a series of meetings in Morocco to discuss various topics related to banking and finance. The meetings covered topics such as environmentally friendly currency printing technologies, digital currencies, governance of spending on rebuilding areas affected by natural disasters, diversifying sources of income, and more.

The meetings were held in Morocco and were attended by various officials from different organizations. The officials discussed various topics related to banking and finance and exchanged ideas on how to improve these sectors. The discussions touched on various topics related to banking and finance including eco-friendly printing technologies and digital transformation strategies. The meetings also addressed public spending.

In a meeting with Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Eric Meyer, Al-Kabir discussed the recommendations on governance of spending on rebuilding areas affected by Storm Daniel in cooperation with the World Bank. The two sides also discussed a plan to unify the Central Bank of Libya and confirm US support for the unification process, as well as US Treasury support for the role of the Supreme Financial Committee in ensuring transparency, disclosure, and fair distribution of development allocations.

Al-Kabir also met with the CEO of “De La Rue Million Futures” as well as the Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund’s Middle East and Central Asia Office, Bahadur Begani, who conveyed the World Bank’s condolences to for the victims of the floods in Derna. In the meeting with the International Monetary Fund, the Governor discussed Libya’s implementation of the recommendations regarding reforming subsidy policies and diversifying sources of income.


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