UNSMIL urges for probing excessive use of force against Tripoli protesters

UNSMIL called Monday for an immediate and thorough investigation into the excessive use of force by pro-GNA security personnel in Tripoli Sunday which resulted in the injury of a number of protesters.  

UNSMIL indicated in a statement that demonstrations were motivated by frustrations about sustained poor living conditions, shortages of electricity and water and a lack of service provision throughout the country.

“Given the continuing immiseration of the Libyan people and the ever-present threat of renewed conflict, it is past time for Libyan leaders to put aside their differences and engage in a fully inclusive political dialogue as outlined by GNA’s Head Fayez Al-Sarraj and House of Representatives Speaker Aqila Saleh in their declarations last week.” UNSMIL said.

It added that the rights to peaceful assembly, protest and freedom of expression are fundamental human rights and fall within Libya’s obligations under international human rights law. 


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