US HoR passes Libya Stabilization Act

The United States House of Representatives (HoR) has passed “Libya Stabilization Act” that instructs the executive authorities in the US to counter foreign intervention, especially Russia’s, in Libya.

The Libya Stabilization Act, passed Wednesday, instructed US authorities to come up with a strategy that hinders such foreign interventions in Libya in 90 days to come.

The US-HoR-passed act urged sanctions on international parties as well as the Libyan parties, individuals and foreign entities and persons involved in destabilizing acts in the country, hindering international settlement efforts, violating human rights and committing war crimes, including targeting hospitals and civilian residential areas.

The Libya Stabilization Act specifies the way the US foreign policy on Libya will be as it backs diplomatic solutions for the ongoing conflict and urges the US administration to come up with a timeline strategy for solutions in Libya.


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