War damage has amounted to 60 billion dinars so far, Head of Libya’s Audit Bureau says

The Head of Libya’s Audit Bureau Khalid Shakshak told Libya Alahrar TV on Wednesday that preliminary estimates of war damage point to losses worth over 60 billion dinars.

Shakshak added that the blockade on oil ports is an extortion of the state and a repetition of the scenario that cost Libya 150 billion dinars.

“Those fighting against Tripoli with the excuse of corruption are committing treason by taking money from foreign countries.” Shakshak added.

He indicated that the military officers fighting with the forces attacking Tripoli are violating Article 84 of the Military Penalties.

Shakshak said it was very strange that the international community admits that there are violations in Libya and invites those who commit them to be part of political settlement, which means rewarding them by encouraging impunity.

“The armed groups attacking Tripoli are the most corrupted party in Libya and are as well illegitimate because they don’t bring to light the sources of their funding and have no transparency.” Shakshak added.

He said that the Audit Bureau has evidence and confessions about war crimes, mass killings, and intentional destruction of state institutions, including the airstrike on the Military College in Tripoli.


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