The western border’s joint security room holds its first meeting

The Law Enforcement Department of the General Directorate of Security Operations announced the arrival of the security forces, which include ints from the Ministry of Interior and the security and military agencies, in coordination with the General Staff of the Libyan Miltary, to the Al-Assa area.

The Department indicated that the force is to support the security directorates in the region and with the participation of the security and military services within the joint security room formed by a decree of the Acting Minister of Interior.

The joint security room formed by the Minister of Interior held its first meeting in the Al-Assa area to discuss the mechanism of work in coordination with the Joint Staff.

According to the Law Enforcement Department, the meeting discussed the tasks assigned by monitoring, following up and countering irregular immigration and the smuggling of fuel, drugs, psychotropic substances and goods of all kinds.

The distribution of tasks to the security patrols in the border area with Tunisia, which extends from the coast in the north to the borders of the Al-Assa region in the south, and the support of the security services and security directorates located from Sabratha to the Tunisian border, were also discussed, in addition to intensifying the security presence on the coastal road.


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