The Airports Authority signs a memorandum of understanding with two foreign companies to invest in Tripoli Airport

The Airports Authority signed a memorandum of understanding with the Turkish “Terminal Yapi” company and the British “ERG International” group to invest in Tripoli International Airport.

According to the Ministry of Transportation, the two companies submitted a proposal to form a consortium to finance the new Tripoli Airport project, based on their extensive experience in the field of investment in airports.

The memorandum aims to lay the technical and financial foundations for signing a final contract that includes financing the infrastructure, rehabilitating and operating the airport, and improving the services provided, according to a statement by the Ministry of Transportation.

The Airports Authority said that this step comes at a time when the aviation sector in Libya is facing great challenges, and it is likely that the project will contribute to achieving sustainable development of the sector in addition to attracting foreign investments and the return of international airlines to resume their flights to and from Libya.


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