The Irish Times: Former Irish soldiers supervise training of Haftar forces in Libya

The Irish Times newspaper revealed that former Irish officers were training forces affiliated with Khalifa Haftar in Libya in conjunction with the arms embargo imposed by the United Nations on the country and in violation of the training ban law.

According to the report, the training, which was conducted by a company called Irish Training Solutions, was conducted for the 166 Brigade by former Irish personnel.

The training course included training special forces in close-range combat, home attacks, and raids, as well as the use of firearms and mortars.

The Irish newspaper indicated that the company obtained a contract worth millions of euros between 2023 and 2024 to train forces and provide equipment and uniforms.

The investigation also revealed that the salaries of Irish coaches were transferred to a company based in Dubai called “SOF Training” to avoid Irish attempts to scrutinize the company’s activity.


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