Abdul Nabi calls HoR to endorse the government

The member of Tubrok based House of Representatives (HoR), Al-Salhin Abdul-Nabi, said that the HoR would convene next week to discuss the internal regulations. He asserted that the head of the HoR has the right to call for a session anywhere.

Abdul-Nabi mentioned, Monday, that Benghazi is the constitutional HoR headquarter. The Tubrok base was interim, in light of the circumstances that Benghazi went through recently, indicating it is valid to hold the session in any Libyan city.

He added that “during this critical stage, a new body had been born, the new executive authority, following long discussions. And all parties were represented, we accept those bodies and the political forum outcomes.”

The new government, he said, has many duties ahead, and should be endorsed by the HoR, which has other tasks to perform, like approving sovereign positions in consultant with the Tripoli-based State Council.

Abdul-Nabi stated that “the HoR session of next Monday is a consultative session to exchange different views, in the pursuit to reunite the HoR, by allowing as many members as possible to attend. And to avoid the previous mistake of refusing the government, as happened with the Government of National Accord.”

In the same context, he urged the head of the HoR to set the ground that enables all members to attend the endorsement session.


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