Al-Lafi stresses importance of coordinating efforts to maintain Libya’s ceasefire

The Deputy Head of the Presidential Council Abdullah Al-Lafi reiterated in a meeting with the UK ambassador to Libya, Caroline Hurndall, on Sunday that it is very important to coordinate efforts to maintain the ceasefire and stability in the country.

Al-Lafi added that reaching consensus on the remaining points of disagreement on the constitutional path between the House of Representatives and the High Council of State will be an important step to reach an integrated roadmap for the solution.

The two sides also talked about the latest developments on the political level as well as the local and international efforts to resolve the ongoing stalemate to reach elections and fulfill the aspirations of Libyans.

They reviewed as well what the UK can provide in the fields of capacity building and reconstruction as Hurndall hailed the efforts of the Presidential Council in communicating with all political parties and in the achievements in the national reconciliation process.


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