Bloomberg: UAE decreased support for Haftar, but still in contact

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has significantly reduced arms and logistical support for Libya’s warlord Khalifa Haftar, said five people familiar with the matter to Bloomberg, which added that the move comes as President Joe Biden’s arrival in the White House prompts a recalibration among Gulf allies.

“Even with a scaling back of flights to eastern Libya, some appear to have continued in recent months, indicating a continuing relationship with Haftar. They need to be careful with their image, especially in a year when they’re looking to join the UN’s Security Council.” Bloomberg added.

It also indicated that the UAE is now completely out of Libya militarily, citing two people with knowledge of the matter, adding that the UAE had expressed frustration with Haftar after “Turkish intervention last year helped to end his offensive to overthrow the internationally-recognized government in Tripoli.”

“A third person with knowledge of the matter said UAE flights to eastern Libya had fallen significantly though that might be because they’d already deployed enough equipment for any future battle, while two others said it had reduced its military footprint, though all said there was no evidence it’s severed contact with Haftar or Sudanese and other mercenaries involved in the fight.” Bloomberg explained.


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