Dbeibah hands ministers’ nominations to the HoR

The new Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, handed his final list of ministers nominated for his new government to the House of Representatives (HoR), his media bureau stated on Thursday.

The media bureau stated that Dbeibah’s latest action is proof of his full commitment to the road map as stipulated in the political agreement and delivering the government formation before the convention of the HoR to grant confidence to the government next Monday in Sirte.

The HoR speaker, Aguila Saleh, has called for holding the session at 11 am on Monday in Sirte to discuss granting confidence to Dbeibah’s government on the condition that the (5+5) committee secures the session.

Last Friday, the HoR stated that Tobruk would host the session instead of Sirte if it could not be held there. It called on the (5+5) committee to respond ahead of time. The committee, on Sunday, in return, confirmed the convention location in Sirte is ready and secured to host the session.


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