Erhuma calls for a constitutional referendum

The Chairman of the Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA), Al-Gilani Erhuma, warned that if there is no constitutional basis the country can go through another indefinite transitional period which threatens the idea of the civil country and peaceful transfer of power.

He stated that holding the constitutional referendum is more straightforward than having a parliamentary or presidential election. He added that it is achievable if there is a serious intention by the international community.

Erhuma said that the referendum and announcing the results could happen within a month if the referendum would be announced to be held in March or the CDA members were allowed to explain the constitution’s contents in May.

He elaborated that there would be an opportunity to prepare for and hold the parliamentary or presidential elections from July to mid-December based on a clear constitutional basis, noting that those who oppose the constitution use different obstacles including the pretext of time frame.


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