Fheama: HoR can convene in any Libyan city

The House of Representatives (HoR) member, Saleh Fheama, said that he doesn’t mind heading to any Libyan city to endorse the yet-to-be formed Government of National Unity (GNU).

He anticipated that most HoR members would attend the session called for by the Speaker, Aguila Saleh, especially after appeasement considered regarding ministerial positions, saying that the city of Sirte is logistically qualified to hold the session.

“But politically, things are different, as many members reject convening in the city for its symbolism and security reasons,” Fahima said.

Meanwhile, Saleh’s call to convene in Tubrok, if members failed to attend Sirte, helped overcome the dilemma of holding the HoR session in Sirte, Fheama said.

He also revealed that the HoR tours to Ghadames and Sabratha were thwarted, stressing that unifying the HoR would continue after granting confidence to the government.

The way Saleh manages the next session, according to Fheama, will reveal whether he is intentionally obstructing the government.

It is worth mentioning that the scheduled deadline for endorsing the cabinet of the GNU was last Friday.


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