Germany rejects forming parallel institutions and seizing power by force in Libya

The German Special Envoy for Libya, Christian Buck, called on the House of Representatives (HoR) and the High Council of State (HCS) to resolve the few remaining disagreements quickly and in good faith, urging all Libyan political actors to preserve peace and stability, to refrain from any unilateral steps and to engage constructively in talks under UN auspices in order to end the executive impasse and pave the way for elections.

Buck reiterated Germany’s firm rejection of actions that could lead to violence or to greater divisions within Libya, such as the creation of parallel institutions, any attempt to seize power through force, or the refusal of a peaceful handover of power to a new executive formed through a legitimate and transparent process.

He said that Libya’s oil production must be fully restored without delay and economic resources must be managed in a transparent, responsible and accountable manner for the benefit of the Libyan people nationwide.

Buck also urged Libya’s leaders to agree on the country’s public spending priorities and to establish a joint revenue management and oversight structure through continued engagement with the Berlin Process Economic Working Group.


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