Ghrebeel insists all mercenaries must leave

The joint 5+5 military committee member, Al-Fitouri Ghrebeel, said that they would not Indulge in getting all mercenaries out of Libya at any cost, with any possible means.

In a press statement, Ghrebeel, who represents the Government of National Accord (GNA) in 5+5, expressed his optimism about forming the new Presidential Council (PC) and the new government.

He mentioned that some committee members communicate with the new authority leaders who had confirmed their full support for the 5+5 efforts.

He talked about expelling all foreign fighters outside Libyan territories, under Geneva ceasefire agreement.

He added that the committee also communicates with the states who have mercenaries inside Libya.

He stated that “from our side, we could pay them a visit soon for pressure, and to affirm our seriousness and insistence that all mercenary fighters have to leave very soon.”


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