Heavy Rain in Ghat and Ubari Results in Property Damage, No Human Casualties Reported

In the wake of the recent heavy rainfall in the region, Libya Alahrar correspondent reported that the city of Ghat has fortunately not suffered any human casualties. The road connecting Ghat with Ubari remains open and functional.

The city of Ubari witnessed minor property damage reported in some residential areas. These damages were incurred in the city’s project area, which was evacuated prior to the event, resulting in no human casualties.

The Ambulance and Emergency Service reported that four houses collapsed in the agricultural project area adjacent to the Ubari Valley. Ubari General Hospital has recorded a single injury due to these collapses.

In anticipation of further emergencies, teams from the Ambulance and Emergency Service and the Emergency Medicine and Support Center were dispatched last night to various cities and valleys in the southwest.

In related news, due to the flooding, Ubari Education Unit announced a temporary suspension of classes in some schools located in the affected areas.


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