High Council of State criticizes Government of National Unity’s lack of transparency

The High Council of State (HCS) said that it held a session to discuss political and security developments in the country, including what it described as the divergence of the Government of National Unity (GNU) from the roadmap devised it in the Geneva dialogue.

The media office of the HCS indicated that that the session discussed what it called the GNU’s lack of transparency, its failure to be subject to accountability sessions or hearings, and its violations toward the legislative competencies of the existing councils.

It added that the session also discussed “violations committed by the GNU by signing long-term agreements that are binding for the Libyan state.”
“The violations include the government’s lack of transparency in the statement of oil production, its expenditures, and revenues, in addition to opening of the real estate registry, which was closed by a law from the Transitional Council, and its failure to carry out the preliminary procedures for elections, especially with regard to purifying the registry. The HCS said.

The HCS also said that it had decided to form committees to urgently follow up on these files.


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