Libya bans furniture imports from France due to bedbug outbreak

The Minister of Economy in the Government of National Unity (GNU), Muhammad Al-Hawaij, has issued a decree to ban the import of all types of furniture from France for a period of 3 months, subject to extension. This move comes in response to the spread of bedbugs in France, which has become a threat to the health and economic situation in France.

The decision by the Ministry also directs the Customs Authority not to release any imported shipments of furniture from any country except after taking preventive measures and ensuring that they are free of harmful insects and pests. The aim of this decision is to help prevent the spread of bedbugs in Libya, which could have serious consequences for public health and the economy.

Bedbugs are a growing problem in France, with reports indicating an unprecedented outbreak in Paris. The French government has launched a campaign to combat an infestation of bed bugs at homes and hotels in Paris. The situation has sparked a political row as Paris city hall said the problem must be tackled before next year’s Olympic Games.


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