Libya ranks fifth among top buyers of Russian grains and wheat

Libya has ranked fifth among the top buyers of grains and wheat from Russia over the past two months, according to a report by the Russian Grain and Chaff Exporters Union.

The report stated that Libya tripled its purchases during the same period last year (July & August), with a total of 878,000 tons after importing 289,000 tons.

Libya consumes an equivalent of 1.25 million tons of soft wheat annually according to the latest statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) by importing 20% of its needs from Russia.

The Food and Drug Control Center had rejected a shipment of soft wheat estimated at more than 26,000 tons coming from Russia to Al-Khums seaport on August 18th due to the high percentage of grains infected with pests, which violates the import specification, according to the Center.

Saudi Arabia topped the list of Russian grain buyers by importing 1.323 million tons of grains, followed by Egypt with 1.284 million tons, while Turkey came in third with about 1.283 million tons, a decrease in its import rate which was 1.376 million tons.

Source: Russian Grain Exporters Union


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