Libyan Minister of IDPs’ Affairs: Over 55.000 families got displaced since April 2019

The Libyan Minister for Displaced People’s Affairs Yousef Jalala said there are now over 55.000 displaced families in Libya.

Jalala told Libya Alahrar that the displaced families’ members reached 330.000, including children and women all over and outside of Greater Tripoli areas.

The Minister added that some of the displaced people have taken shelter in places not suitable for living and that no financial aids were given to them, saying they are going through bad humanitarian conditions.

He also said that the committees of the municipalities had previously taken state funds allocated for the provision of humanitarian aids to the displaced, adding that they have a plan to build different shelter centers to help the families find a place to stay, but they have a problem with the funds.

The Minister said the idea of using the private out-of-service hotels as places for the IDPs to stay didn’t get approval yet as the funds requested for it are very exaggerated.

Jalala said they proposed that the social insurance fund registers the IDPs so they can get a rent stipend worth 1000 dinars.

He said they agreed at first that Abu Salim and other areas in Tripoli would be the place for new shelter centers for the IDPs, but Haftar’s continuous attacks on civilians areas made the plan at risk.


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