Libyan UN ambassador: People see dream of elections evaporating this year again

Libya’s ambassador to the United Nations, Taher El Sonni, said in a statement at the Security Council’s session on Monday that “Libyans see the dream of elections evaporating again, explaining that there were many countries which interfere in Libyan affairs “using Libyan ownership of the political solution a a political tool.”

El Sonni stressed the need to address the controversial points in the outcomes of the 6+6 joint committee with the “Libyan national forces.”

“They need to set a timetable for holding presidential and parliamentary elections, in order to avoid previous experiences that led to creating new transitional periods,” he added, saying that previous attempts at elections ended in disappointment to some Libyan parties.

Regarding the freezing of Libyan funds, El Sonni said the circumstances of the issue were known to all parties, but the issue had been politicized over the past years, and the funds decreased in amounts, as some countries benefited from the freezing of assets.

“We want freedom of management of our money ourselves, even if it is frozen.” El Sonni said.

He also called on the Lebanese government to release Hannibal Gaddafi, saying Libya hopes to find a solution to this crisis.


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