Libya’s internet service prices to be cut by 50% starting March

Libya’s General Authority of Telecom and Technology of the Government of National Accord (GNA) has cut internet services’ prices by 50%.

The procedure is going to take effect in Libya on March 01, according to Libyan Telecom and Technology (LTT), which would alleviate the burden of high internet prices in a country where everyone is hooked on social media.

The LTT’s decision to drop prices by half comes to assure that the company’s internet providers wouldn’t suffer financial losses and to boost the services for the Libyan people across the country.

Of course, the decision was single-handedly triggered by the wave of dismay by the Libyan people at the services of the LTT and the high prices of internet and telecom services in comparison to poor coverage and low-speed download and upload services, according to social media experts.


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