PM: Coronavirus vaccines to be given to Libyans, foreign residents and immigrants

The Libyan Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity (GNU), Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, promised Saturday to provide Libyans with Coronavirus vaccines as soon as possible, saying this is a priority for the GNU, adding that the vaccines will be given to nationals, foreign residents and immigrants equally.

Dbeibah attended an event related to Coronavirus pandemic measures in Tripoli, where he said in a statement tha vaccines will be provided to all Libyans, residents and immigrants equally, noting that this is a humanitarian issue.

Dbeibah explained that wearing a mask in Libya will be mandatory as the least Libyans can do to combat Coronavirus as well as to break away from the mistakes of the past year.

“We must think differently in managing the Coronavirus crisis. We know the people are upset about the measures taken over the last year in this regard. This will change.” He added.

He also said there were huge efforts exerted to contain the Coronavirus in Libya, but the results “were zero”, indicating that his government will consider the deaths of Coronavirus in Libya “martyrs just like those who were killed defending the country.”


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