Reports: Russia’s Wagner mercenaries in Libya replaced by African Corps’ forces

Russia is transferring the Russian Wagner Group mercenaries from a Libyan base in Brak Al-Shati, in south Libya, to other African countries, replacing them with soldiers employed by the Russian Ministry of Defense under what’s newly called the African Legion or Corps, Agenzia Nova of Italy has reported.

A Libyan security source told Agenzia Nova that a few days ago, a Russian cargo plane landed in Brak Al-Shati with dozens of soldiers taking over the Libyan base, reactivated three years ago by Wagner, taking possession of military equipment, weapons and air defense systems.

“The same plane has then headed toward the Al-Jufra base, in central Libya, and is now waiting to leave for Niger or Mali.” The source explained.

According to the report, the source was not able to know whether all Wagner’s mercenaries had been withdrawn, but it should be the last “batch” remaining in Libya.

Meanwhile, a Russian cargo ships coming from Syria docked in the port of Tobruk, in eastern Libya, this month with military vehicles and equipments – possibly weapons as well according to reports by Nova and Ukrainian media – to be distributed to Russian-interest locations in Africa.

Apparently, the role previously played by the Wagner group is now passing into the hands of the so-called Russian Military Corps in Africa (African Legion).

The structure of this African Legion is expected to be completed by the summer of 2024 and to operate not only in Libya but also in Burkina Faso, Mali, Central African Republic and Niger.


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