RFI: US pressure forces UAE to reshuffle cards in Libya

Radio France Internationale (RFI) said for several days, the United Arab Emirates, have multiplied declarations affirming that it is in the process of withdrawing from the countries where it is militarily involved: Yemen, Eritrea and especially Libya. 

According to RFI, the US pressure from President Biden’s administration, led to the ongoing reconsideration of military involvement by Abu Dhabi in Libya.

Under pressure from the United States, the UAE reshuffled its cards in Libya and it reduced the number of flights to eastern Libya and suspended its logistical support to Khalifa Haftar.

“Abu Dhabi’s military and financial support for Haftar has been unwavering since 2014. An involvement that has been pointed out on several occasions by United Nations reports.” RFI added.

However, RFI added, since May 2020 and the loss of the Battle of Tripoli to the forces of the Libyan Army under the Government of National Accord, Abu Dhabi has lost confidence in Haftar’s military capabilities.


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