Scotland provides £250,000 in support of relief efforts

The Scottish government’s Humanitarian Emergency Fund (HEF )has allocated £250,000 to support relief efforts in affected areas, according to a statement by the UNRWA.

Scottish International Development Minister Christina McKelvie pledged to support projects that provide clean water in Libya. McKelvie also confirmed the continuation of work to provide basic aid such as food and shelter to affected families.

The organization noted that several thousand people in Libya are still dealing with the effects of the major floods that followed the collapse of the dam in the wake of Storm Daniel. The organization emphasized the need to continue working in the most affected areas, expecting the number of casualties to rise, especially with around 10,000 people missing, according to the organization.

The Scottish government’s HEF committee consists of 8 representatives from leading humanitarian aid organizations in Scotland. The team takes into account a number of factors when determining where to recommend a response, including humanitarian needs and the ability to provide assistance.


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