Sudan’s conflict moving closer to Libya

The Sudan Tribune newspaper has reported that the Sudanese military is carrying out intensive air strikes near the border with Libya, as it has targeted a military base used by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in North Darfur.

The newspaper mentioned that the Sudanese army, last April, had taken control of the RSF’s Cheverlet military base which is also close to the Sudanese-Libyan border.

In mid-August, the Libyan Prime Minister had stated that a “Libyan actor” (without specifically identifying) has been involved in sending military support to one of the warring parties in Sudan.

Media reports have confirmed the involvement of Khalifa Haftar’s forces in sending military and logistical support to the RSF fighters in Sudan, who have been in direct conflict with the military since April.

Meanwhile, the Sudanese military had accused on several occasions, countries in the region, of sending weapons and ammunition to the RSF through Libya and the Central African Republic.

Source: Sudan Tribune + Libya Alahrar


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