UN Experts’ Report condemns demolition and eviction by Haftar forces

A United Nations Experts’ Report urged Khalifa Haftar’s forces to immediately stop forcibly evicting residents and demolishing homes in the city of Benghazi and to end reprisals and violence against demonstrators.

The report issued on Monday indicated that there were no prior consultations with the displaced residents regarding the eviction decision, noting that there was no plan to compensate those affected, or to provide any assistance to secure new housing equal to the value of their homes, adding that they were forced to remain silent.

In their report, the experts mentioned that more than 20,000 people from Benghazi were forced by the Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade and the 20/20 Brigade to evacuate their homes in a short period, and give up their property and documents. The UN experts also expressed concern about the prevention of demonstrations and the arbitrary arrest and detention of activists and residents who opposed the eviction.

The experts’ report revealed the possible involvement of various local or foreign companies, calling for clarification of the situation and the prevention of further arbitrary destruction and human rights violations.

Regarding the demolition of archaeological and historical sites in the city, the report stated that the deliberate demolitions caused irreparable damages to the urban architecture of the city, explaining that the destruction deprived the residents of important historic and religious sites that represent the important history of the city.

The experts expressed their regret that no investigations have been conducted so far despite the submission of complaints to the Public Prosecutor since March 2023, considering that the evictions involve criminal liability and other legal responsibilities.

Source: UN Experts’ Report


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