US warns of escalated violence in Libya, calls for installing truly legitimate, unified government

The US ambassador, Richard Norland, has said that the clashes in Misrata, between Al-Mahjoub Brigade and Joint Force, demonstrate the dangerous prospect that the recent violence will escalate.

Norland said, according to a tweet by the US embassy in Libya, the US urges all political actors and their supporters among armed groups to stand down in order to avoid escalation and further loss of life.

“Armed efforts either to test or to defend the political status quo risk bringing Libya back to an era its citizens thought had been left behind. Those responsible for such a scenario will be held accountable.” Norland said.

He added that the Misrata heightened tensions demonstrate the urgent necessity for Libya’s political leaders to immediately embrace an agreed path to elections which can install a truly legitimate, unified government to serve the interests of all Libyans.


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