Violent clashes erupt in Tripoli, civilians caught in crossfire

Clashes broke out in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, on Monday between two heavily-armed factions: the Special Deterrence Force (SDF) and Brigade 444 – both affiliated with the Government of National Unity (GNU) – over the arrest of the 444’s commander Mahmoud Hamza at Mitiga Airport in Tripoli by the SDF (also known as Radaa).

Throughout the evening on Monday and up to early afternoon on Tuesday, clashes raged on in Tariq Al-Shouk, Ain Zara, Medical Center area, and other south Tripoli suburbs between the 444’s and SDF.

Footage on social media showed both sides claiming to have taken in prisoners from the other side, while the Emergency and Ambulance Apparatus started providing safe corridors for civilians caught in croissfire.

Reacting to the war that broke out of the blue in a semi-stable capital, the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) called on all parties to halt fighting in Tripoli and open safe corridors for civilians caught in crossfire. The HoR said the Government of National Unity under PM Dbeibah “bears moral and legal responsibility for violence and fighting in the capital.

Likewise, the High Council of State condemned the ongoing fighting in the Libyan capital, asking warring sides to halt clashes and resort to peaceful dialogue in order to resolve the issues.

In the meantime, scores of injuries have been reported since the kickoff of the clashes, which prompted the Health Ministry to ask all cadres to be on alert and report to duty. It also appealed to the public to donate all blood types as injuries are likely to increase amid unintermittent clashes between Radaa and the 444’s.


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