Zliten.. 1,549 registered cases for those affected by the rise in water levels

The Ministry of Housing and Construction of the Government of National Unity (GNU) announced that 1,549 cases were submitted by affected citizens, in addition to the registration of damages to public facilities affected by the rise in groundwater levels in 11 localities in the Zliten municipality.

This came during a meeting of the follow-up committee monitoring the situation in Zliten. The Director of the Center for Disease Control, Haider Al-Sayeh, confirmed the positive situation and the continuation of work through health and technical teams.

Al-Sayeh also indicated the ongoing coordination with the municipality to provide drinking water, which has contributed to a decrease in cases of diarrhea and skin rashes since the beginning of the crisis, and to allocate mobile clinics to provide health services.

For his part, the Minister of Local Government Badraldin Al-Toumi confirmed during the meeting that all executive agencies in the state are working professionally in implementing the tasks assigned to them, starting with monitoring the daily conditions of citizens, completing the compensation records and initiating the targeted contracts according to the technical plan.


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