The Presidential Council makes amendments to the Joint Staff and issues new assignments

The Presidential Council, as Supreme Commander of the Military, issued several decisions to promote officers and introduce amendments to the army’s structure.

According to the issued series of decrees, generals Salah Al-Namroush, Abdel-Qader Mansour and Muhammad Musa were promoted to the rank of lieutenant general. New tasks would be assigned to them, according to the decree.

The decrees indicated the appointment of Al-Namroush as Assistant Chief of Staff while continuing his duties as commander of the West Coast Region.

The Presidential Council established a new Operations and Training Corps under the Joint Staff and appointed Abdul Qader Mansour as its head.

The Council also decided to form a Control and Judiciary Authority, which consists of (the General Authority for Military Justice, the Military Intelligence Department, the Military Public Prosecutor and the Finance Department), and appointed Muhammad Musa as its head.


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