Emergency and Support Medicine Center of Tripoli reequips hospital in Derna

The Director of the Emergency and Support Medicine Center (ESMC) in Tripoli, Mohamed Kablan announced during a joint press conference for the government team for emergencies and rapid response that the center has managed to equip the Wahda Hospital in Derna and provide all the necessary requirements for its operation.

Kablan clarified that a field room was established in the city of Shahat to provide logistical support for all working teams in the eastern region. adding that the number of Center’s personnel in Derna exceeds 400.

The ESMC Director mentioned that the teams on the ground are using thermal drones and others types of light aircraft to transport food and that they have formed specialized teams in first aid, body retrieval, and rescue operations, each of which includes 10 ambulances to scan the area. He noted that the center provided 7,000 body bags and a number of digging and excavation tools.


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