70 relief planes, 8 vessels have come to the aid of Libya since start of disaster

The Emergency and Rapid Response Team of the Government of National Unity (GNU) said in a press briefing on Saturday that since the declaration of Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar region as a disaster area, 70 relief planes and eight vessels had arrived in Libya.

The briefing indicated that the Netherlands had sent two million euros from its humanitarian budget to Libya in order to help provide food, medicine and shelter for the victims of the floods, which ravaged Derna the most following the collapse of two dams in the city in the aftermath of Storm Daniel that hit eastern Libya on September 10-11.

“Australia is pledging a million dollars and South Korea will provide two million dollars through the United Nations Development Program’s relief teams.” The Emergency and Rapid Response Team said.

The Team said a plane would arrive in Libya on Sunday from China with about 50 tons of logistical items, while another plane would land in the country in the coming days coming from Qatar with a field hospital and mobile prefabricated houses.

The press briefing indicated that two planes arrived in eastern Libya on Saturday coming from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with vehicles to support the work of the Disaster Victim Identification team in the disaster area.


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