Zuwara Municipality: We hold the government responsible for the chaos at the border crossing

The Zuwara Municipal Council held the Prime Ministery, the Ministry of Interior, and the executive authorities responsible for the chaos and “sedition resulting from provocative actions” that the western border area is witnessing.

In a statement on the recent events, the Council stated that what it described as a force claiming to be law enforcement stormed the border crossing without coordination with the relevant administration and local authorities.

According to the Council, the force verbally attacked the security units and physically attacked the citizens and used force, which led to the injury of citizens of the area, adding that this led to great tensions.

The Council added that one of its members suffered a gunshot wound after heading to areas of tension with elders from the region, which contributed to the worsening of the situation before it was brought under control again, according to the statement.

The Municipality confirmed that the state of tension had ended and that the members of the “aggressor” force had been detained by the security services in the municipality, as it put it.


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