A customs officer in Benghazi is charged with facilitating the importing of drugs from Ecuador

The Public Prosecutor’s Office announced the arrest of a suspect belonging to an organized criminal group who brought narcotic substances on various occasions, the latest of which was 128 kilograms of cocaine coming from Ecuador, with the assistance of a customs officer in Benghazi.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office explained that the Anti-Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Prosecution investigated the matter, noting the arrest of a suspect, who admitted to belonging to an organized criminal group that deliberately brought narcotic substances more than once with the help of a customs guard officer.

The Office indicated that the drug was placed in two containers designated for preserving grocery items so that their transportation to the city of Al-Bayda could be organized after their arrival from the Republic of Ecuador to the port of Benghazi.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office noted that the investigator directed the judicial police to investigate those involved in the criminal incident.


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