African Union’s Peace and Security Council threatens to call out Libya spoilers

The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU) called for immediate and full withdrawal foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya to allow the country to build national peace and resolve conflicts.

The AU Council indicated in a final statement after the ministerial meeting on Libya that it had rejected intervention in the country’s domestic affairs, threatening to call out those who are still fueling the conflict by sending weapons and violating Security Council arms embargo.

The Council also called on Libyan parties to hold free and transparent general elections on December 24 as per the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum’s roadmap.

It said it was looking forward to the holding of the ministerial meeting in Libya on October 21 to rally international support for the withdrawal of foreign fighters from the country.

The Peace and Security Council said there should be cooperation between the AU and the UN to put in place a plan for the withdrawal of foreign fighters so that there would be no bad effect on the region.


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