Benghazi Security Directorate nabs Nigerians for illicit money transfers

The Security Directorate in Benghazi has apprehended a Nigerian gang that is working in foreign currency smuggling out of Libya. The Directorate said the gang members were nabbed while they ventured an escape from a security checkpoint as they were on a motorbike without plates.

The Benghazi Security Directorate said the arrested Nigerians had a bag that contained 10,000 dinars, adding that they were sent to public prosecution for legal procedures.

“Upon interrogation, the gang members confessed to entering Libya illegally and working in foreign currency exchange illegally.” The Directorate said.

It added that the gang made a number of money transfers to a number of countries, including Nigeria and Turkey via money exchange offices in Benghazi, saying the offices were getting their commissions from the transactions.


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