Extension of Libya’s travel ban complicates the situation of Libyans stranded abroad

The Libyan Government of National Accord has announced, through the Presidential Council, the extension of the travel ban from and to Libya 15 more days.

The travel ban’s extension complicates the situation of Libyan nationals stranded in different countries as they keep sending appeals to the government to bring them home, especially those in Istanbul and Tunisia.

The Libyan embassies in both Turkey and Tunisia managed to contain some of the problems by accommodating the stranded Libyans in Tunis and Istanbul in hotels since March 16, however; Libyans insist on returning home after completing over three weeks of self isolation and quarantine.

The spokesman for the Libyan Foreign Ministry Mohammed Al-Giblawi said they were awaiting the decision of the High Committee for Combating Coronavirus to take the necessary measures regarding stranded Libyans abroad, saying the Foreign Ministry had proposed to the committee doing laboratory tests for the Libyan nationals and of there are any cases, then they will be hosted in special places in Misrata and Tripoli.


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