Human Rights Solidarity condemns Enforced Disappearance in the country

Human Rights Solidarity has called on the Libyan government to address the problem Enforced Disappearance on Wednesday.

Commemorating the International Day of the Disappeared, the organization urged the authorities to abide by Libyan and international laws, which stipulate that every person deprived of their liberty must be in an officially recognized place of detention and be brought before a court of justice without delay. Moreover, it called for the signing of the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance to promote human rights in Libya.

Human Rights Solidarity stressed that the international convention states that “No exceptional circumstance may be invoked, whether it is related to war or the threat of an outbreak of war, internal political instability, or any other case of exception, to justify enforced disappearance”, clarifying that the exceptional circumstances, the political instability and the state of war in Libya do not excuse the perpetrators, and calling on all conflicting parties not to use enforced disappearance as a tool of war, emphasizing on the necessity of releasing all abductees without any condition or restriction, as such acts are clearly considered crimes against humanity.

The organization also called on the Commission for the Identification of Missing Persons to publish and update statistics on the Commission’s website, appealing to the victims of the missing to initiate, register and provide DNA samples to help identify their relatives.

According to the commissions data, the number of registered missing persons over the last decade was 3,683 people, 279 of whom were identified.

Source: Human Rights Solidarity


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