Kufra Municipality warns of the entry of refugees from Sudan without coordination

Kufra municipality spokesman Abdullah Suleiman expressed his fears about the inflow of foreign immigrants and those who fled prisons after the Sudan war, as large numbers of refugees entered the city.

Suleiman said in an intervention with Libya Al-Ahrar that the immigrant groups entering from Sudan to Kufra constitute a security burden, especially since their numbers have not been accurately recorded until now.

He added that the number of those who entered the city may reach tens of thousands, noting that Kufra is not the only crossing for refugees, as they enter Tobruk via Egypt and Sebha from Chad, expecting the number to reach 400,000 refugees according to their predictions.

The municipality spokesman explained that the aid is sufficient to cover the refugees’ needs for food and clothing. Still, the health situation in the city remains a concern due to its lack of infrastructure and its inability to accommodate large numbers in the event of an outbreak of diseases in the city.

At the beginning of February, the locals in the city launched a campaign aimed at providing support and aid to those displaced from Sudan, including meals and blankets.


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