Libya pleads before the International Court of Justice against the Occupation’s practices in Palestine

Libya has called on the International Court of Justice to stop the Israeli aggression against Gaza and the West Bank immediately and unconditionally.

Through its representative to the International Court of Justice, Ahmed Al-Jahani, Libya affirmed the right of the Palestinian people to resist, considering the occupation, which has extended for decades, a blatant violation of humanitarian obligations per United Nations laws and international norms.

Al-Jahani considered that the articles of international humanitarian law that stipulate the protection of civilians apply to deliberations in the court, noting that the crimes of the occupation amount to crimes of genocide.

He also called on all countries not to support the occupation and to prevent the displacement of Palestinians, calling on the United Nations to consider any additional measures to end the occupation without procrastination.

Al-Jahani added that the occupation deprived the Palestinians of their right to self-determination and has escalated its practices that prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Libya’s representative further indicated that the Israeli occupation has continued to take steps aimed at annexing Jerusalem and preserving an apartheid system against Arabs that deprives them of the most basic human rights.


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