Takala announces the formation of a friendship committee between Libya and Italy

The President of the High Council of State (HCS), Mohamed Takala, announced the establishment of a Libyan-Italian friendship committee during his visit to Rome, stressing that he would issue an official decree regarding the committee, upon his return from Italy, to facilitate communication between the Council and the Italian Senate.

This came during statements to the Italian Nova Agency, where Takala explained that the purpose of forming the committee is to support the governments of the two countries, in addition to strengthening relations between the two sides.

Takala, who is visiting Italy this week at the official invitation of the President of the Italian Senate, La Russa, stated that Libya has long-term relations with Italy, noting that they consider “Italy a very friendly and close country, and the gateway to Europe for Libya.” Takala invited La Russa to visit Libya, expressing his hope that the visit would occur in the near future.

Locally, the President of the HCS renewed his support for the draft resolution reached by the 6+6 Committee in Morocco regarding election laws, pointing out “the necessity of agreeing on the laws first, before agreeing on the formation of a national unity government.”

Regarding the initiative of UN envoy Abdullah Bathily, Takala confirmed their approval of the initiative and that they had already submitted the names of the three representatives, indicating his support for any paths that would prevent any renewed episodes of the conflict.

On the other hand, Takala said that Libya considers itself a victim of illegal immigration, just like Italy, adding that what he described as “criminal organizations” are exploiting immigrants.


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