More than 30 arrests by Haftar’s forces target Qaddafi tribe members in Sirte

Sources from inside the city of Sirte have stated that more than 30 civilians from the Qaddafi tribe alone, were arrested by Khalifa Haftar’s forces without any charges.

The sources added to Libya Alahrar that the arrest campaigns are still ongoing and that other areas around the city of Sirte, such as Buhadi and Gharbiat, are subject to the same campaigns, claiming that what was described as ‘humiliating and shameful’ targeting of former regime loyalists was evident.  

Tribal and social leaders entering into negotiations with Haftar’s forces to stop the arrest campaigns has been denied, while internal sources assure that the arrests are carried out intentionally against members of the Qaddafi tribe for political affiliations, adding that the anticipated election process should be a democratic process that anyone can run in.

Astonishment was expressed regarding what was considered silence by the rest of the tribes in Sirte, who did not comment on the campaigns and forced disappearances of civilians from the Qaddafi tribe, especially since there have been cases of homes being demolished by Haftar’s forces.

Last month, forces belonging to the Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade of Haftar’s forces in Sirte, allegedly arrested two young men from Buhadi without any clear reasons. Libya Alahrar was informed that the arrest of the two young men, “Al-Moatasem Al-Shaibani and Muhammad Al-Qahsi,” took place without any legal basis or charges and that a number of civil activists in Buhadi were detained prior to that.

Source: Libya Alahrar


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