Moscow maintains Wagner services in Libya

The Russian government is seeking to preserve the current geopolitical military services provided by the Wagner group for Moscow in African countries, according to a report issued by Bloomberg.

According to the agency, Wagner’s recently failed rebellion on Russian soil will not be preventing Russian authorities from continuing to utilize the military and security benefits provided by the group abroad, more specifically in resource-rich countries in Africa. Bloomberg revealed, from what it mentioned were undisclosed sources, that Russian President Vladimir Putin himself sat with high-level commanders in the mercenary group in a 3-hour meeting in which Putin was updated on Wagner’s activity in Africa and how it is making its way in the continent at the expense of Western powers such as the US and France.

The report by Bloomberg also indicated the contrary policies followed, as in the example of the Sudan conflict where Wagner’s leader Prigozhin and the Kremlin are collaborating with opposing sides, which according to the agency may be a case managed indirectly by the Russian Intelligence by betting on both sides of the conflict to optimize benefits in the future, a policy Bloomberg claims has similarities with Russia’s strategy in Libya.

In regard to Libya, Bloomberg’s sources also claimed that the US was aware of Wagner’s mobilization of portable missiles from Libya to Sudan. Wagner’s public presence in Libya since 2019 at least has been condemned by the US and other Western governments repeatedly, which is perceived as a source of instability in the region.

Source: Bloomberg


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