NOC says eastern Libya suffering power outages due to shutdown of oil facilities

The closure of oil ports in the Gulf of Sirte is the main reason for the power outages in eastern Libya, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) says.  

NOC said by closing the ports in the Gulf of Sirte, the condensate reservoirs at the export ports will be filled within days, so production of gas associated with the condensate, which feeds Zueitina power stations and north of Benghazi, will cease.

A few days ago, the NOC Chief Mustafa Sanalla warned that oil tanks full to the brink at Libya’s oil export terminals are posing a risk to local communities and the facilities themselves.  

“The militarization of oil facilities, the presence of mercenaries as well as the military escalation increase the risks that hydrocarbons and chemicals stored at oil ports pose to workers and local population,” Sanalla said.

“This may lead to a disaster that is more severe than Beirut’s port and a massive destruction that will cause Libya to be out of the oil market for so many years.” He added.

Currently, oil production in Libya is around 100,000 barrels per day (bpd). This figure is dramatically down from 1.2 million bpd at the start of the year due to Haftar’s blockade of production and exports.


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