UN envoy meets Al-Sarraj in Tripoli

The United Nations’ envoy to Libya and Head of UNSMIL, Jan Kubis, met Wednesday with the outgoing Head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, in Tripoli.

UNSMIL said Al-Sarraj congratulated Kubis on his appointment, and offered him his support in his new mission, expressing his full support for a smooth transition of power.

“Special envoy Kubis congratulated Al-Sarraj on the progress made so far in the three-track Libyan-led/owned dialogue, including the ceasefire agreement and the successful outcome of the LPDF”.

Kubis also hailed the recent agreement on a unified budget by Libyan parties, UNSMIL added, saying the two officials agreed on the need for full compliance with the agreed-upon elections date of 24 December 2021.


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