US surveillance monitoring Moscow’s activity in east Libya

The Italian website ItaMilRadar monitored a US Navy Triton MQ-4C drone circling over international waters, between Libya and Greece.

The Italian website specializing in tracking military aircraft above the Mediterranean explained that the plane, on its “first mission,” is working to monitor activities in eastern Libya, possibly with a special focus on the shipments of weapons and personnel that Russia conducted in recent weeks from the Syrian port of Tartous.

On April 12, a Russian Navy fleet consisting of two landing ships, “Otrakovsky” and “Ivan Green,” departed from Tartous, heading to Libya, where it unloaded a large amount of military equipment, according to ItaMilRadar.

The newly-made Triton MQ-4C drone belonging to the US Navy is flying for the first time over the waters of the Mediterranean, and it is the only aircraft in the fleet that can fly at high altitudes, in addition to having long endurance and carries out continuous maritime intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting operations.


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