WHO: Over 100 Local Health Workers Have Lost Their Lives in Derna and Green Mountain Region Due to Floods

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported the tragic loss of more than 100 health workers due to the devastating floods in Derna and the Green Mountain region. The report, released on Tuesday, revealed that some medical personnel lost their lives in their homes when the floodwaters swept through, while others perished in the line of duty, battling the aftermath of the flood.

Ahmed Zouian, the WHO representative in Libya, expressed his deep condolences. He emphasized that the loss of these medical personnel extends beyond their immediate families and impacts the entire community.

The floods have wreaked havoc on the region’s healthcare infrastructure. The Makhili Medical Center was forced to cease operations due to flood damage. Additionally, both the Sheiha Medical Center and Unity Hospital in Derna are grappling with an increased burden after thousands were injured or lost their lives due to the floods.

Derna’s main hospital, known as “Al-Harish”, has been out of service for years. It entered a maintenance phase that is yet to be completed, exacerbating the healthcare crisis in the region.

The WHO confirmed that the flood disaster has resulted in more than 4,300 fatalities and approximately 8,500 people missing. This catastrophic event underscores the urgent need for effective disaster management strategies and resilient healthcare systems.


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