Sousse .. the forgotten historical city in the midst of the storm disaster

The Emergency and Ambulance Department has issued a distress call to all emergency teams to head to the city of Sousse to rescue those stranded and affected by the Storm Daniel, describing the situation as catastrophic.

A representative from the Department said in a statement to Libya Alahrar that more than 1,000 housing units were submerged in water and torrents due to the floods that hit the eastern region due to Storm Daniel.

The representative considered what is happening in the city a major disaster, and that the city has launched appeals to save what can be saved, but without any attention from the authorities to their suffering.

The Department called on emergency teams to mobilize resources to the city to inspect homes, rescue those stranded, and search for the missing.

For his part, Marwan Al-Nihoum, a member of the Sousse Municipal Council, described Sousse as a disaster-stricken city as it lives without electricity or drinking water.

Al-Nihoum added that the local teams are still busy with rescue operations and housing survivors, indicating that they have not been able to count the victims and that the number of missing persons is about 90 citizens according to reports and more than 3,000 damaged homes.

Al-Nihoum mentioned that bodies are arriving in the city via sea waves from an unknown direction and that visitors to the city were swept away by currents and torrents along with their cars and they have no information about them until this moment.

Al-Nihoum stated that water has flooded most of the houses and caused significant material losses, calling on the Red Crescent to intervene urgently and re-bury the dead bodies after they were thrown out by the floods.

Source: Emergency and Ambulance Department + Libya Alahrar


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